Revival: Recolonization 4x Jogo de Estratégia As inscrições alfa estão ativas

Recolonização do Renascimento

Herocraft anunciou que eles têm um novo jogo de estratégia 4x em andamento mil anos após a queda da Terra, onde novos governantes assumiram o controle e facções famintas por poder estão tentando surgir na ocasião para frustrar os tiranos e controlar o planeta. seus recursos para si mesmos.

Renascimento: Recolonização is scheduled to release at some point in the third quarter of XNUMX, but before that happens the developers want to gain feedback from potential customers via alpha tests. You can actually sign-up for the Renascimento: Recolonização alpha over on the official website.

The game is described as Civilization XNUMX atende Horizon: Zero Amanhecer. The game centers around a rogue artificial intelligence that has taken over the planet, and it’s up to you to slowly develop a resistance force, take back various sectors of Earth and recolonize the planet as you see fit.

You can check out the teaser trailer for the game below.

It looks to combine a lot of the basic XNUMXx elements you would expect from a game of this kind: you have the ability to mobilize armies and special units, discover new areas, terraform nearby sectors, research and develop new skills, and most importantly eradicate any force that stands in your way in order to conquer and control new Earth.

The core concept of Renascimento: Recolonização is that it’s supposed to be a free-form version of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. This game has basically been XNUMX years in the making by fans of the genre who grew up on sims and grand strategy titles from the XNUMXs. Revival: Colonization is finally coming to fruition this year, starting with a release on PC.

If you like what HeroCraft is working on and want to support the Russian developers, feel free to do so by visiting the official website and sign-up for the alpha test.

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